I’ve felt before that election are unpredictable but this year it comes down to registering to vote and … voting. That’s predictable. That’s American. Do it.

Arguing in a Slack about @panic’s launch of Nova. Some people think it’s boring or non-ambitious of them to create “yet another text editor.” Panic has been in the text editing business for a while, and I see this as their “triumphant return to the top.” Good job, folks.

Finally canceled my Netflix DVD subscription. Packing that last DVD in the return envelope makes me a little nostalgic. I’ll probably never do that again.

There’s a delicious chill in the air in Boston that reminds me of how California used to feel all the time.

It’s 12:36AM so it’s time for me to do 30 push-ups. If you’re awake and see this tweet, why don’t you take my challenge to do 1 for every 15 that I do? Push it. Push it good.

Does anybody have a visceral reaction to Op Eds these days? I just don’t give a fuck what anybody thinks anymore.

I was asked by Apple to provide a System Trace from Instruments, for help in diagnosing a bug I reported. I have to admit I’m not too familiar with this instrument, but it seems cool.

Big Sur Beta 6 broke the ability to connect virtual machines to the host machine’s ethernet. Anybody have insights as to a possible workaround? VMware communities are full of questions and no answers :(

I will criticize Apple until the day I die, or until the day they die, because that is what working at Apple taught me to do.

Apple should be paid for the value they add. When a software vendor and its customer mutually agree that they don’t care for the value Apple offers to add, there should be no cut.

Apple is out of it’s mind with respect to the App Store and its perceived entitlement to 30%. They created a platform on which various social and business transactions occur. The benefits are enormous, but they are not also entitled to take a cut of every single interaction.

I could swear I saw an AT&T promoted tweet that said “You’ve been talking. We’ve been listening.” I can’t find it now, but that’s a pretty remarkable marketing statement from a company that helped the NSA spy on Americans.

Just filed the wildest bug I’ve seen in a while. While typing in Big Sur, there sometimes appears a lag. I’ve confirmed it’s a delay in visual updating of the screen. Not even captured by screen recording! FB8635279 if any graphics nerds from Apple are in earshot.

I went on vacation for 10+ days and couldn’t bring myself to do more than 5 push-ups each night. After I got home I did 30 push-ups like it was … well, not nothing, but …

My dad went to Hawaii and lived in the jungle to avoid being drafted. He was not one of the brave Americans who helped to defend our country. He was still 1000 times the American Donald Trump is.

‪Thanks @gruber and @moltz for recommending Ted Lasso on Apple TV+ … my wife and I are both loving it, and probably never would have tried it without a nudge. It’s a special show.‬

I only learned today that Apple acquired the Fraggle Rock franchise. You can watch all the original shows on Apple TV+. I’m impressed by the quality! Certainly higher resolution than I ever saw on TV in 1983.

When I think of showing my kids “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” the one thing that jumps out at me is the time when they hug each other and then say: “fag!” I don’t really want to explain that. There were other problems, but that’s the one that stands out.