I’ve caught myself saying out loud “Oh, please…” when some humdrum chore like “clean the rain gutters” comes up on my TODO list.

I know focusing on physical chores could be psychologically helpful, but I just can’t be bothered. I keep pushing them out 2-3 months.

“Some guys take a beautiful girl, and hide her away from the rest of the world. I want to be the one to walk in the sun, oh girls they want to have fun…”

I dare you to not have your mood lifted by this video. www.youtube.com/watch

Never been more of a hipster than when I’m trapped indoors with no reason to shave and an infinite supply of Pedro the Lion t-shirts.

self portrait wearing a ledro the lion t-shirt next to an acoustic guitar

I’ve been waking up each morning and saying, out loud: “Just another day in paradise!”

Somehow, it’s helping.

I have never taken medication for anxiety, but have long wondered if I would benefit. I was motivated by the current state of things to finally ask my doctor to screen me, and we will be trying something.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, folks.

A weird side-effect, I assume of all the Covid-19 related stress, is that I’m forgetting little things. I’ve made pizza dough for 10 years using the same basic recipe and I had to look up the amount of flour. It’s spooky.

I really don’t want to shame anybody, but on my careful walk today the most egregious example of non-distant congregating was the group of people minding their dogs in a small dog run. That dog run is not suitable for pandemic times.

The angle I emphasized with my kids is the degree to which Trump endangers Americans by spreading misinformation. Particularly in this pandemic, I acknowledged that his insistence it wasn’t serious, and failure to act, has made the problem worse.

I want to clarify that our kids have known for years that we don’t approve of Trump and think he is bad for our country. It’s not like it was an intro to whether Trump “is bad” or not, but asking for specifics made it more difficult for me.

My older son asked me today, point blank, if Donald Trump had “done anything bad as President.”

Having kids is the best exercise in editing what you say. Being honest while catering to the world view of an 11yo, who happens to be your son, is difficult.

There is no cure for Covid-19, but there is a cure for what exacerbated this problem in the US.

  1. Stop trusting Fox.
  2. Stop trusting Trump.
  3. Start thinking critically about everything people tell you is true.

Start by thinking critically about this post.

It seems inevitable that the United States confirmed cases and total deaths will skyrocket above all other countries. We have a large population and a low degree of competence in Federal government. Let’s face it: also a lot of dipshits who reject facts. I hope you, and I, live.

To be honest what I find most annoying is that I can’t suddenly become an exciting person who goes out into the world and cavorts with people. Just having the option was always comforting.

The right and the left have each historically had merited ideas. But for many years the “right” in the United States has represented reprehensible lack of empathy, glorification of wealth, and disdain for all who are vulnerable. twitter.com/dloehr/st…

‪Many Americans will die at the hands of the people they elected. Some of those elected will profit from the same circumstances that kill their constituents. There has never been a better time to abandon the Republican Party.‬

I’ve just discovered Proxyman and it looks like a pretty great Mac-only alternative to Charles Proxy. Super streamlined UI that gets right to the heart of what most of us want: to see the request and response being made from a specific app. proxyman.io