Thinking about barriers to remote learning, even in my privileged household we could benefit from an additional device that would transform our TV into a computer. I think a screenless “Chromebook” with keyboard and trackpad, that connects via HDMI, would be a cheap solution?

‪The song that continues to resonate in my kind every day is “Beds Are Burning” by Midnight Oil. I sing it when it is time for bed, time for breakfast, time for anything. The time has come.‬

Tomorrow will mark 12 years since I became a father. Weird to think now how weird it felt at the time. For a long time now, “of course I’m a father.” Happy Birthday, kid.

If Apple wants to increase both the quality and amount of bug reporting among developers, how about an annual recognition of the “best bug reports”? Apple Design Awards recognize product development, the “Feedies” could recognize the best in community bug-busting.

I used to feel left out when people came through Boston and never asked me to hang out. Now I would be offended if they did. Progress?

I grew up being independent and only joined the Democratic party after Trump was elected. But Democrats want to extend $600 unemployment benefits, while Republicans don’t. There’s an obvious “bad guy” in this situation.

I think I’ve remarked on this before, but I owe my liberal activism to my conservative parents. They taught me how to say “fuck this” (in more church-friendly words), and I adapted it to my values. Standing up for what you believe in is powerful.

I wouldn’t recommend trying to time the market, but if you had invested in Apple ONE year ago, you would have doubled your money by today. The company has essentially gone up by $1T since then. ONE YEAR.

Remember 10 years ago or so when “everybody” insisted that $AAPL had topped out and couldn’t possibly get any higher?

PSA for anybody who downloaded the MarsEdit 4.4 beta during development: you may have to download a fresh copy of MarsEdit, because the “Check for Update” mechanism was broken in some of those releases. You can download it here:

Apple will be glad to learn that I treat all tech corporations exactly the same, and as such will only be demanding my usual 15% cut of their earnings.

In case anybody was struggling to figure out how the heck they were ending up with one-mojillion tabs in the Xcode 12 beta.

Screenshot of Xcode preferences showing an option for "Navigation Style" with a popup menu offering to "Open in Tabs" or "Open in Place".

If anybody is curious how we vacationed in the time of Covid-19, we rented an apartment, purported to be well cleaned before we arrived. We packed in groceries for meals for the whole trip. We didn’t engage any social outings. We stopped at a convenience store for ice cream…

Back from vacation in Carroll County, New Hampshire. I was struck by the relatively higher number of Trump signs, but what really struck me was the giant TULSI sign that I guess they must have rented for many months in advance.

Every American, every company, every sports team, needs to evaluate the person they choose to elevate based on their merit. Is this a good person? Are we supporting a positive influence on our shared society? If not, forget it. Next!

If the Yankees allow Trump to throw out a first pitch in August then they are supporting a fascist. The fact that nearly ½ of Americans support this man doesn’t make him any less of a threat, and doesn’t excuse any normalization of him. He should not be elevated by any team.

“Treating people with dignity and respect makes a decent man.” I’m with AOC. We men can’t leave it only to women to stand up and condemn what Ted Yoho and other indecent men get away with every day. As she says, having a daughter or a wife doesn’t make you a decent man……

Oh, it’s so easy and tempting to laugh at Mark Zuckerburg but if anything the white-out sunscreen on his face is a good sign he’s eschewing chemical sunscreens that might damage wildlife. There are far better things to dunk on him about.