I don’t know why this classic product presentation of the Macintosh Portable by JLG is suddenly making the rounds, but I’m glad it is! Especially after 3 years of canned pandemic presentations, the humanity and humor is delightful in contrast. www.youtube.com/watch

There has never been a larger market for Mac software, or a smaller number of viable competitors. I’m right there trying to figure out why that doesn’t add up to guaranteed riches … but it sure is an interesting time!

Regular expression breakpoints in lldb are an amazing debugging aid that have never been exposed by Xcode at the UI level. Kudos to the WebKit team for exposing similar breakpoint support in the web inspector! webkit.org/web-inspe…

Also coming to FastScripts 3.2: robust support for supplying parameters to programmatically run scripts, and wait for results. FastScripts runs the script just as if you’d run selected it from the menu, but with variables you provide.

Screenshot showing scripts in Apple’s script editor that target FastScripts and demonstrate how the upcoming update will support running scripts by name with arbitrary parameters.

I am prone to distraction and following unexpected tangents. Luckily it’s often productive. Here is my progress on the settings for FastScripts 3.2, which will, at long last, feature user-facing UI for selecting which script folders are shown in the app.

screenshot of the preferences window for FastScripts for Mac, including an option offering users the ability to add or remove script folders from the list of configured “script collections” used in the app.

Did you know that the British royals are named after Windsor Castle, not the other way around, and they’ve only used that name since 1917? They changed it after World War 1 to distance themselves from Germany. It’d be like an American President changing their name to Rushmore.

Random thought I don’t know I actually believe: SwiftUI should have been HTML-based. If you’re going to go full-bore declarative, use a well-known technology that is celebrated for its declarative structure.

I finally got my PlayDate and am enjoying the first game. It really exceeds my expectations for what such a small, resource constrained device could be. The default music is all very “Dr. Mario” which puts me in the right mood…

DeSantis is banking his whole political future on the idea that Floridians, and Americans, like “bad, tough guys.” We don’t like bad guys. We don’t like tough guys. We like smart people who are passionate about solving real problems. Go away, DeSantis. Make room for the thinkers.

I heard a rustling noise after coming in and realized I almost smooshed this tailgater. I think it’s a Chinese Mantis.

a large insect with brown and green body, long legs, and stick-like appearance, resting on the indoor side of a lacquered dark wood door frame, with dark night visible out the open door

I went to start adding Shortcuts support to FastScripts, only to discover I had apparently already added support for “display message”, and … shipped it? So … enjoy that, I guess! Productive amnesia is real.

I’m trying to learn the basics of Blender. Again. It’s really impressive. I’d liken it to an IDE for graphics.

Only since the latest macOS Ventura beta, when I detach my clamshell MacBook Pro from an external monitor, and open it, the screen is all whacked, and Displays insists there are no monitors. Not even the built-in one I’m looking at. Have to restart to get back to normal.

Jony and Steve spent all that time and money building a truly remarkable spaceship of a building, only to have Claris use a stock photo of downtown San Francisco as its “Headquarters”😂

Screenshot of a page from Claris International showing a picture of downtown San Francisco skyscrapers, next to an address revealing the HQ is actually at Apple's Cupertino, CA address.

I imagine some of the missing Queens might be due to mistakes or lack of attention to certain pages, but most of these probably came down to a careful choice, and I find that fascinating.

Playing a game called “where does Apple think The Queen would be offensive?” Her image graces the home page for most English-speaking countries, Japan, Korea, many others. Unsurprisingly absent in China. Most fascinating disparities in Europe. www.apple.com/choose-co…

I was born in California but I’ve lived on the East Coast for 17 years (!). The truth is, I miss California desperately, and especially San Francisco. But Massachusetts has great schools, few fires, ample water supply, admirable politicians, and lots of swimming holes.

Oh, and as expensive as Massachusetts is, it’s still possible to live here without being a multi-millionaire. I think I miss the idea of California more than I miss California today.