As a Mac App Store developer whose apps have been in the store since the beginning, it’s not a great feeling to know that any critical update might be held up because Apple decided to get more uptight about something that was OK for the past 8 years.

Overall I am pretty chill about App Store review and the goals of bringing developers into line. I do think it would be massively improved by a graduated system of warning of future rejection while allowing immediate fixes to pass through.

Yes, I’m working on this at 1AM on an early Sunday morning because that’s when dads who celebrate their kids’ birthdays find time to work around unexpected App Store rejections.

Spending my whole weekend, apart from celebrating the delightful birthday of my little baby 8yo, working around issues that App Store review put on my plate. The price I pay for playing this game, I know. I just wish the game were a little different.

Totally random thought for this time of year, but I miss the Macworld parties when WWDC was in San Francisco. Tons of people I never see anymore because we don’t have that party.

Yesterday I had the uncomfortable experience of explaining AMBER alerts to my 11yo, after he received his first one, about … an abducted 11yo girl.

I’ll be excited to tell him that the girl is safe, and the AMBER alert worked!…

If you have painful or snapping knees, I encourage you to consider trying quadriceps massage with a tennis ball. Lay on your stomach and torture yourself. It might fix your knee.

I love this Mac App Store review of Black Ink … it appreciates so many of the little details that most people overlook. This person GETS me.

Screenshot of a long app store review. Full text does. Search Black Ink on the Mac App Store to read the pertinent review from "kgview", if interested.

“That’s right, Jimmy. Daddy doesn’t want witnesses to testify because Daddy is afraid of the truth.” #GOPBedtime

Been there, done that, Siri.

I said “Make pizza.” Dictation seems to be getting worse and worse. I wonder if my Watch is bad.

Siri-based reminder to "Make people."

A thought just crossed my mind which MIGHT be the same thought crossing many minds at Apple: “How the hell do they top WWDC 2019?”

I think I’ve met the limit of my willingness to support Blogger for MarsEdit. End of an era. Not an official decision, but close.

The historic cowards in this conflict are the GOP Senators who continue to refuse to rein in this madman.

Iranian cultural sites are the world’s cultural sites. Any President of the United States who doesn’t agree does not deserve to represent us.

When I was younger, I was so anti-religious I sneered a bit when I sneezed in public and somebody said “bless you.”

If there is a god, she gave me a persistent cough that sounds like a sneeze. And now I just say “thank you” and appreciate the sentiment.

‪I have the deepest ache in my foot. It happened before about a month ago. I think it’s related to problems in my leg muscles, but hard to know for sure. Massage all the things!‬

While recording the latest @coreint, I reiterated that I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions anymore. Then I found what I think was my last list, from December 1998. A ClarisWorks document I had to open in BBEdit. The very first item represents my initial ambition for Red Sweater.

Screenshot of an excerpt of text from a list of resolutions: New Years Resolutions for 1999, Make at least $1000 from Red Sweater Software by contracting or by finishing and marketing at least a shareware quality item.

OPINION: Reputable news sources should not publish headlines for OPINION pieces without making that exceedingly obvious.