If you have Apple Music, the “For You”, “Explore” and “Radio” tabs are all a shared playlist of black artists all day today. That seems … pretty appropriate? I approve of this.

I was explaining different base number systems to my 11yo, as you do … we experimented with many systems, and when we got to 1-based, I was stunned when he immediately surmised that “it’s tally marks”. I had never thought of a 1-based system but it checks out!

‪I explained to my kids that 4-leaf-clovers are “not that uncommon.” Then I looked it up and learned they are about 1 in 5000. A few minutes later my 8yo found one!‬

A police station or a store never had a wife, husband, parents, or children. Never equate destruction of property with killing of people.

In my opinion, Black Americans deserve a “get out of jail free card”, today more than ever. Burn it down until we stop killing you!

‪If you contend that people protesting, rioting, or looting are serious problems in the context of what this country is going through then I have no respect for you.‬

Since the quarantine, I’ve been referring to anything at all that I’ve stocked up on as “the national strategic stockpile.”

Anyway, I dipped into the national strategic tater tot stockpile tonight.

Portable jumpstarter came in handy, as our car battery finally gave up the ghost in spite of us driving semi-regularly for errands. I was impressed to see that we had never replaced it before. Ten years on one battery, not bad!

I’ve been on antibiotics for 4 days now and everything is improving. I have to assume it’s a victory for antibiotics and medical science in general. Gotta love the millenia of research that keeps us healthy today.

‪In the early days I think many of us imagined we’d be through this “by summer.” Sorry, ain’t so. Warmer days are luring people into bending the rules. We simply can’t hang yet. It’s too risky. We’ll pay the price later.‬

I want to thank everybody for their kind words and empathy about my diverticulitis diagnosis. I have learned that this can be much worse than what I’m suffering. Just to be clear: it’s not that bad for me. Knock on wood. Just hope the medicine works!

I’m on a liquid diet for 24h and then low fiber for 3-5 days. I’m glad my last solid meal was a delicious Chicago style pizza made for my birthday by my wife! Delish!

If I were Christian, I would be horrified that the President of the United States is fighting so hard to ensure I go back into close quarters with potentially infected people during a pandemic.

Actually, I’m still horrified.

Follow-up: sometimes it’s not “just gas”. I’m glad now that I contacted my doctor, out of what I thought was a bit of paranoid concern for the worst.

On my 45th birthday I tried to celebrate as well as I could with … as it turns out … diverticulitis. Everybody take heed, colon problems might strike a lot younger than you ever imagined. (I’m being treated now.)

You can tell I’m a programmer because I got inspired to try to make my own crossword puzzle, and the first thought to come to mind was “I have to design and develop a crossword construction app.”

Rich Americans should be hoping things go back to normal, when they could get away with everything WITHOUT being associated with Trump.