Check the Apple Store for local in-store pickup of M1 Pro and M1 Max MacBook Pros. I had an order slated for delivery in early December, but just specced and arranged the same Mac for pickup locally tomorrow.

Hats off to the macOS localization team for Spanish, which managed to perfectly mirror the wordplay of the English marketing headline.

Screenshot of the English and Spanish marketing headlines for macOS Monterey: "High powered meets 'Hi everyone'" and "Una ola de innovación. Un 'hola a todas'".

I just tapped the “Shop” icon in Instagram and now I’m particularly sad for anybody who chooses to work for that company. What a mess.

Sometimes I think life is not worth living but then I remember there are people who don’t understand sentence case vs. title case and how they apply to Mac user interfaces so … I guess I still have important work to do.

I got a little cocky sailing today and really let the boat heel while close-hauled (sailing as close into the wind as possible). I’m trying to test the limits without capsizing but I ended up falling … inside the boat … banged my shins up good. Still, no capsize!

Well, that’s not something you see every day. (Video: view from a boat in the Charles River in Boston, a man on a foil board approaches, waves, and sails off.)

I enjoyed the metaphor of “hitting singles” on the interview with Guy Raz and Missy Park (Title Nine). It can be demoralizing to never “hit a home run”, but if you keep hitting singles you’re bound to make progress in the long run.…

It now strikes me as weird that the first M1 MacBooks offered the Touch Bar. It would have seemed more natural to drop it from all Apple Silicon Macs. Maybe it wasn’t well-and-truly abandoned until afterwards, though.

It was fascinating having a Hollywood filming on our block this week. I have a new perspective on the whole industry, its technology, how the crew comes together, how problems are addressed, etc. Also acutely aware of the pending IATSE strike! These folks deserve respect.

I’m a mostly law and policy abiding person but if I’d had a J&J shot I am not sure I wouldn’t have already finagled an unorthodox Pfizer/Moderna booster by now on my own.

Back when we were “all” scampering to get vaccines, I remember having it emphasized that you should “get whatever vaccine you can”. But it turns out that getting Johnson & Johnson set people up both for less protection and a less clear path forward. Gotta look out for yourself.

If I could channel the voice of Monty Don, as I just did for my wife, on a regular basis, I would be one unstoppable sex machine. Among a certain demographic.

I was so impressed as a kid when my dad told me he had once walked “from one end of San Francisco to the other.” It’s not that impressive to me now. It was “only 7 miles”. But my lack of awe is partly because he taught me how to be physically accomplished. I appreciate that.

Today my 9yo marched up to me and started drumming on my stomach, as he has done countless times before. He halted, dismayed, “Your tummy isn’t as bouncy as it used to be! Stupid diet!”

Yes, stupid diet. There are consequences.

Sometimes I’m dismayed by the “human condition” suggesting that we’ll never be satisfied and will always need more. Then I walk down a quiet path by a lake near my house, and I don’t need anything at all in the world. There is hope for the so-called “human condition.”

I’m pretty sure it’s normal to alternate between feeling that you can do anything in the world and feeling that even making one phone call would be devastating. If this resonates then I’m just here to offer you a low-key hi-five.

What if you spent the rest of your life thinking about what you have to offer instead of thinking about what you have to get?

Do you have any idea how much easier my life has been by deciding to enjoy and embrace Coldplay being stuck in my head?

They’re making a biopic of Whitney Houston and they just happened to select the recently-vacated house across the street from me for the interior shots of Whitney’s childhood home. Now I wanna dance with somebody!

The new Translate app in iOS 15 is stupendous. I’m particularly impressed how it detects which language is being spoken. Great for practicing speaking a second language, too.

Blown away by Night Shift Brewing customer care. I ordered a t-shirt, but had to return it to exchange for a larger size. I guess there was a mixup and they got delayed processing it, so they proactively sent me the shirt, a bag of coffee beans, and a bottle opener! Thanks, Alyssa!