I was never one of those people who always “knew they were going to have kids” but now that I have them I can’t imagine life without them. They are remarkable.

I have very little knowledge of Chris Cuomo or CNN but I still get a little jolt of satisfaction hearing about him being fired. Is it just me, or are we all hungry for consequences? Remember them?

30 years of being “online” has prepared me for digital debates in ways that my local town antagonists can’t even fathom.

I support a pregnant person’s right to choose whether or not to have an abortion.

As a man, I am often quiet about this issue because I think that people who can get pregnant understand it best. On the other hand, the collective opinion of cis men continues to dominate the law.

The downside to enjoying major breakthrough technologies like the M1 series of MacBook Pro, is they always make me wonder with some regret what my dad would have made of them. He loved gadgets and technology even more than I do!

Wow, I just heard my M1 Max MacBook Pro’s fans blasting for the very first time. Also just compiled WebKit on it for the very first time.🤣

Got a call from my uncle in prison last night. Normally Thanksgiving is a day when they expect a slightly better meal, but he said the pandemic-related shortages are threatening their “special” meals. I think we should prioritize giving prisoners a bit of hope on holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! I probably won’t get a chance tomorrow, so I’ll say now that I’m just so thankful to have a loving wife and two beautiful boys. And that we are all healthy. Also thankful that I have the opportunity and privilege of working for myself. The dream is alive!

15 miles! 2:40. New records for both distance and duration. Beautiful day. Almost finished two episodes of ATP but my AirPods ran out of juice RIGHT when Siracusa said “low power beep” (or something like that).

Map with running route totaling 15 miles

The ceremonial Thanksgiving Tofurky has been purchased. Love to embrace a little tradition without, you know, killing a bird!

I’m trying to enjoy every moment with my M1 Max MacBook Pro, because I know that this feeling won’t last forever. This is the best Mac I’ve ever owned and it will probably be a long time before anything surpasses it dramatically.

Sometimes I do a random little dance for my wife and then say ironically “that’s why you married me.” But it’s not that ironic.

My dad was a conservative, right-wing, anti-abortion, Christian fundamentalist, who nonetheless espoused belief in equal rights for all people. I think/hope he would have been devastated by Rittenhouse’s acquittal. There is a lot of room for rage in this giant tent.

My 9yo started playing the baby grand piano we are so lucky to own, and that was all it took to get my 13yo to also want to play it. Now they’re fighting for turns to pluck out “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and “Itsy-Bitsy Spider”. I never wanted to force them, but this is glorious.

I have been using zsh and scp for a long time, but my mind was moderately blown this evening when I realized I could tab-complete REMOTE filenames. Try it:

scp whoever@wherever:<tab>

(Have to have a ssh key relationship with the server, obviously)