Just filed FB8969751 detailing a pretty gnarly focus ring WebKit draws around editable text in a height/width constrained div.

Screenshot of a block of text with a very ragged selection border.

Now that Trump is facing his second (!) impeachment, after four years of utterly inexcusable behavior and intolerable leadership, it’s time to acknowledge that some of us knew exactly what he was from the start, and some of us are fucking idiots. Worst. Judges of character. Ever.

Can we give Hillary Clinton credit due that “basket of deplorables” was the understatement of the century?

I misread an ad that says we are “at an inflection point,” and thought “You’re damned right we’re an INFECTION point!”

Somebody could make a fortune if they started a streaming service consisting only of Capitol-storming dipshits being arrested or moderately inconvenienced.

I danced into App Store Provisioning Hell tonight and lived to tell the tale. Now I’m confident I can achieve absolutely anything in this world.

The best part about seeing the Capitol-storming dipshit brigade being arrested is remembering that their idol prefers “people who weren’t captured.” 🇺🇸

I’ve spent over 10 years finessing Black Ink so it handles all manner of unusual crosswords. Today I am working on a fix to support the unusual shape of this Brian Thomas beauty!

Screenshot of a Mac window with a crossword puzzle in the shape of a ghostly figure.

Apple Pay & Trump

I just held my nose and navigated to the Trump campaign donation page, where it appears you can still donate through a conservative service akin to ActBlue. One of the options for donating is Apple Pay. Will Apple follow Shopify’s lead and cut off service?

I don’t know what Apple can do in a situation like this but they can probably insist that the 3rd party payment service stop serving Trump, or else lose their Apple Pay integration as well?

Apple employee friends/acquaintances, if you know who to raise this question with internally please help and do so. Yes, even on a weekend. Thanks!

Not wanting to be outdone, Apple has rushed to terminate the President’s Developer account, and has permanently banned him from the 15% Small Business Program App Store tier.

I learned Britain had voted for Brexit as my plane landed in London and the pilot shared the news. “If this kind of thing can happen here, it can happen in the US,” I thought.

Today I say to my British friends, if this kind of turnaround can happen here, it can happen in the UK!

While New Years Day is traditionally celebrated on the first … day … of the year, in some years it is not officially celebrated until the first day of the year … when people can actually breathe again.

Happy New Year!

So many positive repercussions to expect from the upset in Georgia. Among them the renewed confidence other “red states” will have in defying conventional expectations.

Our President is so corrupt that nobody even knows how to process what should be done, if anything, three weeks before he is scheduled to disappear.

Pretty great Republican you elected, Republicans. Never forget that the most corrupt, unfeeling, cantankerous, immoral, and anti-democratic President in the history of this country was a Republican, and that MOST Republicans completely supported him, and still do. Shame.

I understand Covid-19 vaccines are a bit of a shit-show, so if hospitals want to establish “standby” lists, I will happily wait in line for a chance to take that flight…

If anybody is curious about why I posted about making sourdough yesterday, and only showed it off today, it’s because the recipe I followed called for a lot of down time. It was “easy” but needed many hours resting with some intervention. Not trivial, but I’ll do it again!

Making sourdough bread after making pizza is kind of like learning Italian after learning Spanish. You’re bound to make a few mistakes, but it’ll be easier than you might have guessed.