On the eve of a viral pandemic, those POS retail terminals where the salesperson and every customer all touch the same screen have never seemed like a worse idea.

It’s common for programmers to write something like “// FIX ME: …” in code, where an expedient but distasteful solution is used in a pinch.

I propose we start writing “// FORGIVE ME” instead, acknowledging that it will likely never be fixed.

I’m all up in Warren dreams, but still excited for Sanders fans. Four years ago I would have been over the moon to learn how he is dominating.

There are companies and countries that would probably pay $millions for the kind of executive vision Elizabeth Warren has. She’s willing to put that vision to work as a public servant for the United States.

Imagine an intellectual in the White House again. Bernie Sanders would be one, but his real gift is not the political wonkery of getting bills through congress. His gift is inspiring the masses. He should have an important role in the next government, ideally supporting Warren.

I empathize with Bernie supporters who delight in his agenda, and see anything less as an unwelcomed compromise. We’ll be a better country if he is elected and is able to push his ideas through congress.

What excites me most about Warren is her pragmatism about how we get there.

On one hand I’m impressed by what Mike Bloomberg is doing: spending hundreds of millions of dollars to champion his vision of a better America.

On the other hand it would be MUCH better if he spent those dollars selflessly promoting a better America without him in charge.

If billionaires want to spend their money talking up what’s wrong with the status quo, that seems like a positive thing. Money buys leverage. But notice Warren Buffett is not running for President.

FWIW my statement about pardoning felt right when I made it, but I’ve been convinced/reminded that pardoning has a lot of positives, too. At least if an executive is going to have overriding power it should be to impose innocence, not guilt.

Presidential and Gubernatorial pardons are a weird, undemocratic concept. They must be be throwbacks to the powers that kings and queens had to overrule the justice system. We’re going to regret these powers very soon.

I have a lot of wrinkles to iron out in Black Ink for iOS, but dang, my grid sure is prettier than every other app.

Screenshot of Black Ink for iOS on a simulated iPad.

Just donated again to Elizabeth Warren’s campaign because I think she’s the most talented, most energetic, most inspiring candidate we have.

I’ll vote for ANYBODY against Trump but I hope it’s Elizabeth. Donate too if you can afford it, and you feel like me… elizabethwarren.com

Condolences to Boston folks laid off by Wayfair today. Hopefully this area’s thriving tech scene will lead you to an even more rewarding career soon.

It’s also weird to be a long-time Mac developer who has technically shipped iOS apps for 11 years, has spoken at many iOS conferences, and still considers himself a beginner.

The genetic connection between UIKit and AppKit is a real gift to folks who choose to jump the chasm.

I’m learning the ropes of iOS development tonight, and it’s pretty fun. I hope I can find a way to make money with this skill some day.

Watched the Taylor Swift documentary tonight, and I thought it was great. Kind of weak in a documentary sense, but great in making me love her as a celebrity. Go, Taylor!

‪Can you believe we even have to worry about which Democrat is most electable against this fascist wannabe? We need more civics education for the next generations.‬

I’ve talked to many developers who, like myself, dismiss Apple as an employer because they would have to give up their indie apps, podcasts, and blogs.

The best developers are multi-talented, ambitious people. Apple is forfeiting talent to other companies with this policy.