My 11yo is looking forward to owning his own company: “I want my employees to work as little as possible … while still supporting the company.”

That’s my boy!

Experienced bakers will no doubt be able to tell, as Paul Hollywood would say, it’s a little “rawr”… but it’s still pretty good ;)

I made pizza dough and then realized I didn’t have mozzarella. Hence my first effort at free-form bread. Kind of a funny shape, but the insides look OK!

‪I watched half of the Bob Dylan “Rolling Thunder Revue” without realizing it’s partly bullshit farce. I’ll watch the second half with less enjoyment.‬

When I was a lot younger I was a real medical skeptic. I almost never saw a doctor.

I’m still skeptical about many things but when it comes to diagnosing obvious death threats? I believe I owe it to my kids to get checked out.

I want to be their dad as along as possible.

As a result of my colonoscopy I learned 1. I do not have colon cancer (YAY!) 2. I have other things going on.

Getting a head start on the “other things going on” is the gift of getting a colonoscopy at 44.

Be well.

I’m not growing a mustache for men’s health, but what I did do is get a colonoscopy at 44. Maybe you should, too.

As a life-long Californian, before I moved to MA 15 years ago, I have rarely loved mainstream CA politicians. I tended to favor the underdogs who didn’t get elected. But Nancy Pelosi is on fire and she’s A-OK with me right now. #ImpeachTrump

‪Alcoholics are addicted to alcohol.‬ ‪Workaholics are addicted to work.‬ ‪Catholics are addicted to … meow!‬

Apple’s use of the marketing term “Magic Keyboard” for the 16” MBP is genius: it concedes everything while confessing nothing.

This is what it looks like when Disney+ acknowledges that you signed up with an existing Hulu-linked email.

If you already have Hulu, with or without ads, then you get $5.99 off the monthly Disney+ bundle. If you’re tempted by the bundle, get Hulu with no ads first and then the bundle. Otherwise you get Hulu with ads.

Imagine the collective sigh of relief when every prospective American entrepreneur is assured their basic health-care needs will be met. Our current policy suppresses innovation and risk-taking.

As a financially-successful person living in an expensive Boston suburb, my needs are straightforward. With universal healthcare, I would thrive on $100K/year. Without it, I’m shooting for $1B/year.

Elizabeth Warren is an ideal candidate because she 1. Has broad enough appeal to be elected 2. Is provocative enough to shift the status quo of the Democratic party and 3. Is absofrickinglutely tireless.

I have mostly worn Adidas sneakers for 20+ years, but the other day I saw a guy on the subway wearing Asics Tigers and I had to have them. Super comfy and wow, could they be any cooler?

Picture of white sneaker with blue and red streaks

This experiment of “meeting with my manager” (myself) has been fascinating. I don’t know if I’ll keep up all the fanfare around it, but it’s already pushed me to set a firm ship date for an app release.