Listening to a replayed Tom Jones interview on Fresh Air reminded me of the old Welsh bar Dylan’s in San Francisco, and how it was so great yet only one great bar among dozens of truly great, unique bars in San Francisco in the 90’s/00’s. What a great time. A luxury of riches.

Just realized my latest version of MarsEdit, consisting of simple bug fixes, never got approved by App Store review. It’s been sitting “In Review” for 8 days!

I don’t believe in cancel culture. I believe in accountability culture. And it’s about time we had some.

My own image conversion unit tests usually reveal subtle changes in Apple’s own frameworks. After setting up an M1 Mini as a build server, I discovered a funny behavior that seem to only affect Apple’s M1 frameworks: they can’t preserve Apple Wide Colorspace in image conversions.

I confirmed it’s “not just me” by resizing an image with Apple Wide colorspace in Preview. If I run it in Rosetta, it works. If i don’t, it gets converted to Generic RGB.

I judge the major chains that are jumping to allow unmasked shoppers. You know what? We have been wearing masks everywhere, for a year. We can keep wearing them in the damned store for a while longer.

I’m counting the days to Tuesday, when I’ll be “fully vaxxed”. I already feel essentially invincible. It’s amazing to go from feeling so vulnerable to so safe with such a simple thing. I don’t understand people who don’t leap at the chance for vaccination.

I think it’s cool how some people I follow still say to some other people I follow “look me up if…” as if they’d ever be able to find each other in a phone book.

The down side to working for myself is, to be honest, a lot of days I don’t really get “anything” done. The up side is everything I do get done is exactly what I wanted to do.

My wife has noted over the years that I snore. Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. Well, the Snore Lab app ( confirms that I snore … A LOT. It’s kind of disturbing but just the kind of app I needed to zero in on this problem.

Something that never gets old as an indie software developer: getting a $25 software payment while you’re drinking a beer.

“Catalystic” is an adjective I just used repeatedly when reviewing the UX of an iOS app adapted to the Mac.

I get the flu shot every year knowing that it has a chance of stopping me from getting the flu (and spreading it to others). The Covid vaccines are a WAY more effective than that flu vaccine. It’s almost a promise that I won’t get sick or cause somebody else to die. Sold!

I tried out Walgreens’s system for ordering ahead and picking up in the store.

“I’m here to pick up an order.”

“What kind of order?”

“Umm, deodorant?”

“So it’s a curbside order.”

Me, looking around at the Photos counter: “I guess so!”

I don’t know if it’s just me but since I got vaccinated my penis has gotten bigger, I’ve lost tons of weight, and I’ve won the lottery like five times. Also I haven’t died of Covid-19, nor spread the disease to anybody else. #SideEffects

What does it mean when somebody puts an American flag 🇺🇸 after their name in their Twitter bio? I’ve seen it twice today. I am old enough to remember when it meant patriotism, but young enough to remember that just a few days ago it meant “I’m with the fascist leader.” #TooSoon

I wrote about this in 2010:… A lot of my points, in favor of the web and against it, hold up. But the tide is turning and at it seems plausible that the web as a platform will become undeniable to the point that all hardware manufacturers accommodate it.

As I discussed on the latest @coreint, my anti-web stance is softening as I see the amazing things people are building. I can now imagine a future where the web, as a “device”, fulfills most application development needs.

I hope the Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak of today are two teenaged girls working on a web-based app development platform that will make even me admit the web has won.