We tried “In Pursuit of Love” and wow was it tedious. I haven’t been so annoyed by a show in a long time. Kind of a relief to know I don’t have to give it any more time.

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but if you’re feeling kind of down or blah or wtf: try something new. Just drop your finger on the map and go there. Anything new solves the blahs for me. Maybe it will for you, too.

It’s fun to have sole focus on MarsEdit again. A beautiful app that, well, like all apps, can benefit so much from a little more attention.

As mentioned on the latest episode of @coreint, I’m putting all my focus in the short term into shipping MarsEdit 4.5. It’s gonna be cool. Especially for people who use WordPress and work with lots of media files.

For the past 10 years or so I have run every other day almost without exception. I stopped for a month or two last year to allow a shin injury to heal. Now I have a foot problem that every bit of me wants to run through, but I’m being good. Treat yourself right, even if it sucks.

Trying to make the most of my Boston Community Sailing membership so on Sunday I’ll be stepping on a windsurfing board for the first time. Any tips?

It’s “Finish Friday” as @manton suggested on the latest @coreint. The counterpart to my “Must-do Monday”. What are you going to finish today? Don’t let all that progress you’ve made thus far go to waste…

Previous “dock of the Charles” scene basically culminated in me getting caught in a sailboat on the Charles in an epic New England downpour. Totally miniature “perfect storm”. I’m riding the Red Line home, soaked to the core. Cross that off my bucket list!

Just renewed my membership at Boston Community Boating. I renewed last year and then proceeded to never go once, but it’s all money for a good cause in any case. This year I’m committing to taking more advantage, starting with a Jib Sailing course and Windsurfing.

Going to university won’t teach you anything you couldn’t learn on your own. However, it will teach you a lot of things that you will occasionally think back on, and remark, “Wow, I never would have learned that on my own.”

Now the things I worry about are mostly internal: will I muster enough motivation, organize my thinking, and follow-through on the things I want to do?

I spent many years early in my career worrying I would fail, or that people would judge my skills poorly. Eventually I made enough progress, found financial stability, and observed that I’m about as good as anybody else, if not better. Impostor syndrome is curable.

Now letting my kids go to sleep in our bed. I’m not a parenting expert but let me tell you kids LOVE doing things in places they don’t usually do them.

When I learned I was going to have a kid in 2008, I decided to learn to make pizza. Now, I have a 12yo and a 9yo who relish with delight the idea of me making pizza. Every time. My work here is done.

iOS/Mac developer tip: when you suspect the bug is in your code somehow, but you don’t know how, where, or when, set a breakpoint on literally all of your app’s functions at once: “break set -s -r .*” Also a great way to explore the exposed symbols of a library.

Screenshot of the Xcode developer console, where a breakpoint has been set using the regular expression trick described in the post.

As far as taste is concerned, I’m about ready to call it: a hot enough oven and a long enough dough rise make home pizza as good as anything in the restaurant world.