Note to other developers: generally speaking, making apps accessible is NOT very challenging, and you should jump right in and do it. The challenge is adapting the information density of a crossword into something practically navigable by VoiceOver.

I’ve spent every spare moment this weekend working on accessibility for Black Ink. I’m challenged, but I want accessibility to be a requirement I am not allowed to opt out of. ✊

I probably should have added that Beyond’s previous products are also a basis for comparison: I thought the Beast Burger 1.0 sucked, Beast Burger 2.0 was great, Beyond Burger pretty good but weird aftertaste and wasteful packaging. Beyond Beef is a sweet spot on all those points.

One of the changes with Apple’s new Feedback Assistant is engineers at Apple are evidently not able to see who filed a bug.

I got a private message asking me I was behind a specific bug report. It had a tell-tale punkass vibe to it, I guess!

For 10+ years I have had a mental model that Xcode forms a kind of snapshot of all sources in a project, so that if you modify the file after starting a build, it makes no difference. Does anybody have historical perspective to back this up, or did I imagine it?

How can so much evil be going on in the US, and how can any of us keep account of it? Our senators and congresspersons should be curtailing it on our behalf, but they are not. Why? Because they represent our collective evil priorities. Shame on us.

The GOP, which purports to be the “family values” party, is all in on defending the Rapist in Chief. May as well re-endorse Roy Moore while they’re at it.

In case it’s not obvious: I don’t believe that the US invading Iran is a path to achieving these dreams. My statement was intended as a message of friendship to like-minded Iranians.

I want the same thing for Iran that I want for the US: for the people to thrive, and to be free from dominion by religious fundamentalists.

Also, I really want to visit a liberal Iran in my lifetime.

I really enjoyed the second season of Fleabag. Season 1 was charming but a little all over the place. Season 2 stepped it up.

Anybody else make heavy use of HTML “accesskey” shortcuts, and notice they are flaky in Safari on Catalina? I am having trouble pinning down a 100% repro case but often just one or two keys on a page won’t work. I use them a lot in FogBugz.

On the eve of Slack’s debut on the NYSE, I’m feeling pretty good about the diversity of my massive public team portfolio.

I don’t know if I can take another whole year of Joe Biden repeatedly demonstrating his lack of Presidential appeal, only to inevitably have to vote for him as the alternative to pure evil.

When I was in the 3rd grade, my music teacher said I “had a nice singing voice.” It was enough to help me weather the criticism of friends telling me I “couldn’t carry a tune” as a teenager. Today I will sing for you any day of the week, sometimes in tune, sometimes not.

I remember the smallest positive gestures made by adults when I was a kid. It’s a good reminder to be liberal in our showering of encouragement on kids.

My 10yo “graduated” 5th grade today. After school, his teacher gave him such a nice pep talk, praised him for his environmentalist work in class, and assured him he was going to change the world.

No pressure, kid, but pep talks CAN change the world.

With apologies to all the hardworking engineers at Apple, the new Feedback Assistant will result in less collaboration from 3rd party developers in fixing bugs in Apple software. My response to requests to update status on bugs all look something like this now.

Screenshot of feedback to Apple: "No, because I filed this bug in an effort to help you improve Xcode, and I assumed I would be able to have access to the test files I provided, if I ever needed to revisit the issue. I don't have time to reconstruct the whole test scenario I previously spent time on, just to update the status of this bug."

I think Pillsbury was another affected brand. So is Pillsbury unbleached flour essentially identical to King Arthur’s?