I’m missing Jay’s seitan cheesesteak from SF. I don’t know if they are still in business but in any case I may never enjoy that sandwich again.

It shouldn’t be a political belief that all people are equal. If you’re fighting for a political platform that presumes we’re not equal, then you’re wrong.

Americans are at a precipice. Either we will vote out this authoritarian dipshit, or we will succumb to fascist rule, or some middle-ground will arise based on an uncertain result of voting. I’m hoping beyond hope that the fascist is voted out beyond dispute.

Four years ago I honestly had no idea that we’d be thrown into the existential leadership crisis we’ve all endured. I assumed Hillary would win. I’m not so naive today, but if Trump DOES win re-election, I fear I will have to find a new country to call home. That’s not hyperbole.

We told our kids we are voting for Biden/Harris and against Trump/Pence. They rejoiced, and I honstly don’t think it’s because we brainwashed them into hating Trump. I think it’s because we encourage their innate humanity. They knew Trump was bad without any extra influence.

I voted today. By mail. I’ll follow up with my state’s “track your ballot” site to ensure it gets recorded. I’m cautiously optimistic that this election will mark the end of a horrifying, tramautic stain on the history of the United States. We must be better than this.

The best part of Sam Cooke’s version of “I Love You for Sentimental Reasons” is the haphazard repetition of “I Love You” that opens the song. I could sing that 20 seconds all day. www.youtube.com/watch

I quit my job at Apple 18 years ago. Since then I’ve worked for myself and consulted for others, but never had a “real job.” I miss the camaraderie of my Apple team, but relish the idea that anything I come up with belongs to me.

As somebody who desperately wants the President to lose, I’ve had trouble finding ways of contributing. I’m finally chipping in at votefwd.org by simply printing and mailing some letters to voters.

Honestly this is the only ad @JoeBiden needs to run from here through election day. It enumerates all the reasons any sensible person would vote for him, regardless of party. This is an opportunity to take back our country from an unhinged person. twitter.com/JGFink/st…

I can’t believe it’s come to this but I believe this election will decide whether the United States as we know it remains a country, or if we transition into something MUCH different.

I’m voting for Biden because Trump authoritarianism is not the kind of MUCH different I want.

Oh, I get it, Democrats think if all the smartest, most likeable, most creative people all come together it’s going to change my mind? Oh wait, of course I already support JOE BIDEN for President, because I’m NOT AN IDIOT.


I was at Rockefeller Center today, and was struck by the warbling sound of Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart” playing over the dozens of speakers. It seemed a bit too romantic for the space, but I loved it!

The four stages of grief:

  1. I have to rewrite a URL.
  2. Oh, mod_rewrite makes this easy.
  3. Wait, why doesn’t this work?
  4. Oh, I see, that’s why…
  5. Or was it?
  6. I googled something that seems to work…
  7. … But not for my specific case.
  8. What’s nginx?
  9. Just as bad?

Also: NYC is delightful in its usual, and some new ways. Unfortunately some of my favorites are gone, but the street-side dining adds a lot of charm. I think it’s a great example of a city that could benefit from making some pandemic changes permanent.

I’m in NYC for the weekend and I’ve seen more Trump wingnuts than I’ve seen in a while. A weird/creepy cavalcade rolling through town, and a boat on the East River flying a flag. Get us out of this timeline ASAP.

I’m not proud of being white. I’m proud of being even slightly aware of the privileges that being white have granted me.

I simply love using Truphone to get extra data via the eSim on my iPhone. It’s the right price + convenience. Very satisfied.