American women are denied authority over their bodies. Don’t stop thinking about it. Every day, every hour, every minute until that authority is restored.

If you’re wondering why all your American friends are quiet or depressed, it’s because the US Supreme Court, which does not represent the will or ethics of the people, took away the constitutional right to abortion. Everybody with half a heart or half a brain is devastated.

It’s increasingly obvious that we have a religiously authoritarian Supreme Court, not unlike Iran, a country whose authoritarian bent has long been rejected both by Americans and by America’s elected representatives. The US Supreme Court is an immediate threat to American ideals.

The nation is burning, while Democrats stare at a fire extinguisher behind glass that reads: “Break in Case of 60% Agreement on Emergency.”

An unexpected benefit of donating blood is the Red Cross tests for Covid antibodies. They caution not to read too much into it, but the fact they classify me as “Reactive+” suggests I’m not desperate for a booster.

The best part of watching “Big Little Lies” with my wife, years ago, is having the ability to spontaneously sing “did you ever want it?” at pointed moments, and be totally heard.

Recent history has trained me not to hope that a seditious US President and his wicked cronies would ever face real justice. It’s still thrilling to watch the probably vain effort to hold him and them accountable.

Went out for a sail on the Charles and it was windier than I expected. I count it as a success that I only lost control of my mainsheet, and had to lower the sail to get towed in. At least I stayed dry! β›΅

I don’t think I’m imagining that the Xcode 14 beta autocomplete has a new behavior of completing override methods’ calls to super by filling in the obvious names of the parameters. I love this! Thank you to whoever drove this to completion.

The WWDC lounges have been great, to the limited extent I’ve had time/reason use them. If they do it next year I’m going to try to be more strategic about thinking up questions ahead of time. Great, efficient way to communicate directly with Apple experts.

Also, it’s not all bad. Being WKWebView based will mean that my app can never crash because of an issue in a web view. It’s a royal pain in the app to accommodate this change, but if it works it will be worth it🀞🏻

Some may be wondering: why now? Why not 5 years ago when the classic WebView was first deprecated? Why not ride it out and hope it lasts forever? My Spidey Senseβ„’ says we have a few more public OS releases before WebView is gone for good. Feels like the time to get serious.

For example, I have decided for my needs to proactively message out from WKWebView whenever the selection changes, because it’s useful to my app to know what is selected, where it is, and what it contains. Caching this is better/easier than waiting for an asynchronous callback.

I’ve been diving into the monumental challenge of migrating MarsEdit’s rich HTML editor away from WebView and to WKWebView. Anybody knows even trivial transitions like this are a nightmare. MarsEdit uses every imaginable native DOM trick. Total upheaval, but feels good to do.

I saw a story about Glenn Burke, the first openly gay Major League Baseball player, and was surprised to learn that he, along with Dusty Baker, apparently INVENTED the “High Five”. I assumed it was part of our culture long before 1977. I’m older than the HIGH FIVE!

As a married man, I was about to get all huffy that Facebook suggested Facebook Dating (or whatever) to me. Then I realized … they don’t know I’m married. It’s one thing Facebook doesn’t know.

(There goes that.)

I look at every DIY task that I stand a reasonable chance of completing correctly as not only a chance to save money hiring labor, but to gain wisdom and understanding about how something unfamiliar works. As I said, priceless.

Spent about 5 hours today installing a new kitchen sink faucet. Some of that time was spent furiously trying to dislodge the old faucet. Other time was spent repairing the downstream drain pipe that came loose. I could have just hired a plumber, but the experience is priceless.🌈

Came across some campaign material from my 1994 run for City Council in Santa Cruz, CA. One my top issues was that the government should be reachable by email πŸ˜‚

Screenshot showing text: "To increase communication between the people and their elected representatives. I would like the City to make a concerted effort not only to listen to the concerns of the people, but to actively recruit the opinions of those who are poorly represented in Santa Cruz. Alternative communication mediums like electronic mail over the intemet offer convenient means for many of the computer-literate people in Santa Cruz. Currently, the President and Vice-President of the United States are reachable over the internet. I think our city representatives are next in line."

I think that particularly in the US we live in a self-aggrandizing/self-lambasting society. You’re not supposed to just live and accept yourself. Take a step back and appreciate who you are for who you are. ❀