Everybody I know who has an ounce of sensibility is dying to get the Covid-19 vaccine. I feel like we need a trending myth about the vaccine that encourages everybody else to take the shot. It increases libido? It clears up facial wrinkles? Who knows!

For Americans, the next 3 months are going to be filled with the triumphant cries of joy from people who are vaccinated, and the cries of skeptical disdain from people who foolishly refuse it.

I just voted in my town’s local election. One of the candidates for assessor is a registered Republican, active in the local Republican committee. In 2021, you either disavow your connection to the GOP or you do NOT get my vote.

Remember a year ago when we were all like:

“Oh shit, this pandemic might last a year or more!” and

“Oh shit, we don’t even know if they’ll be able to make a vaccine!” and

“Oh shit, HE might actually win another 4 years!”

and shit?

Important caveat for anybody hammering on the search field of Walgreens vaccine location page: after some number of tries the server it accesses starts returning 404, which quietly shows up as “no locations” … you’re searching the void. Have to start a new browser session.

Screenshot of Walgreens vaccine search page web inspetor, showing a red line for the "timeslots" request.

Thought today about how long it’s been since news about the former President has crossed my transom. I love our boring President.

I don’t intend to celebrate my vaccination. You’ll know I got it when I stop whining about everybody else getting it before me.

Like Joe Biden, I’m all about investing in infrastructure this week. I’ve put off sprucing up my transactional emails for a loooong time. Here’s the before and after for purchase confirmation when you buy one of Red Sweater’s apps. #BuySomethingNice

Screenshot of two email windows showing a plain text, unstyled version on the left and a rich text HTML version on the right.

If computers are bicycles for the mind, then text editors, spreadsheets, and scripting are rocketships for the mind.

I bet you’re working on something pretty cool even though you’re not getting any feedback on it. Hang in there! Keep it up.

Part of my revival of Red Sweater is focusing on fixing things I’ve wanted to fix for years, but never got around to. I’m working on HTML email confirmations for purchases. When you buy something nice, the email should look nice!

Communicating with Siri is a lot like communicating with a young child. Other parents wouldn’t know what this means, but I know that Siri is reminding me to “shape the dough.”

Screenshot of a macOS reminder to "Shape it out"

Happy Friday! No matter what you did this week, congratulations if you didn’t get your ass stuck in the Suez Canal.

My top piece of business advice to myself and others: you can’t blame a market for not wanting your product. It’s our job as businesspeople to adapt to a targeted market, or to find a new one.

I catch myself fretting already that I’m not making enough money, but I have to remind myself this is a long game. I got back into it with a financial cushion, and I need to ride it out. One. Step. At. A. Time.

Almost a month into my renewed solo ambitions with @redsweater. I have been cranking but also maybe risking overdoing it in my zealousness. I have to find balance, which is of course easier to do once you’re making a sustainable income!