Ooh! The hang only occurs if the “Automatically show Web Inspector for JSContexts” option is enabled in the Develop menu. Turning that off for now.

In the macOS Ventura beta, Safari frequently beachballs while handling JavaScript requests via AppleScript. I filed FB11143702 which includes a screencast, spindump, and example script to hopefully reproduce the issue!

I’m just a bill Hanging out on Solsbury Hill I can see the city lights Go down in the city And the moon shines on The dock of the bay, watching, And wishing, and hoping, and praying, That I’ll be passed.

If you are running the macOS Ventura beta you might see a crash after using the “display message” command in FastScripts. I’ve reported the underlying issue to Apple. Here’s a beta release that works around the issue: redsweater.com/fastscrip…… Will ship an official update soon!

Just filed FB11122995 against macOS 13 Ventura beta, about the annoying change in Spotlight that causes it to activate a running app even when you select a different version of said app.

Just posted MarsEdit 4.6 with a new macOS share extension, a preference for switching between dark/light mode, and enhanced Micro.blog support! Specifically, you can now add new categories for Micro.blog, and it will switch to “Title Mode” automatically after 280 characters. redsweater.com/blog/3885…

I’m typically pretty proud of my platform and my tools, but recently I’ve had the privilege of introducing newcomers to the platform and had to explain how both Xcode and lldb, two incredible tools, have incredibly glaring bugs when you try to use them in practice.

What kind of intervention needs to happen so that the Xcode team fixes the persistent, seemingly-universal bug that stale build warnings and errors are shown? It’s a massive productivity drain across a whole industry.

Reminiscing with pictures of a trip to Amsterdam. Why do I never realize IN THE MOMENT that I have movie-star good looks? 😂

 Selfie against a backdrop of a well-lit bar with many windows and flowers adorning tables. I'm looking right into the camera with wind-swept hair and a scarf.

I got my first contract job at Apple when I was 18 and was hired as a full-time engineer when I was 20. I have long been aware of, and thankful for, the fact that most of my dreams came true early in life. It granted me the ultimate gift: the opportunity to search for new dreams.

Had a nightmare about SF with increasingly horrifying plot elements:

  • Taqueria Cancun sold to new owners
  • 19th/Mission location closed
  • No more tomatillo salsa (!!! 😱)

My favorite words for describing Trumpists and others on the antisocial-fascist continuum are ding-dongs, dingalings, and chuckleheads. These words are humiliating, yet safe to say around kids of all ages. I love that my kids now identify “chuckleheads” we meet out in the world.