Came across some campaign material from my 1994 run for City Council in Santa Cruz, CA. One my top issues was that the government should be reachable by email 😂

Screenshot showing text: "To increase communication between the people and their elected representatives. I would like the City to make a concerted effort not only to listen to the concerns of the people, but to actively recruit the opinions of those who are poorly represented in Santa Cruz. Alternative communication mediums like electronic mail over the intemet offer convenient means for many of the computer-literate people in Santa Cruz. Currently, the President and Vice-President of the United States are reachable over the internet. I think our city representatives are next in line."

I think that particularly in the US we live in a self-aggrandizing/self-lambasting society. You’re not supposed to just live and accept yourself. Take a step back and appreciate who you are for who you are. ❤

Do you “suffer” from attention disorders, like I do? In therapy I learned to appreciate parts of my personality that I might otherwise disdain. We called my less attentive self “free range Daniel.” He’s good at creativity and exploration, and it’s OK if he doesn’t pay attention.

Just published Black Ink 2.2.3 with lots of great improvements including a change to the calendar in the puzzle picker to show un-downloaded puzzles in bold!

Screenshot of Black Ink's puzzle downloader panel, including a calendar with available puzzles, and un-downloaded puzzle days shown in bold.

I own a very small amount of $TWTR that I considered selling when the acquisition deal was announced. Now it’s worth considerably less, but I’m glad I held on because I’m looking forward to VOTING NO on the sale.

Make any ramen healthier, tastier, and more visually stunning by adding raw red cabbage, kale, and cilantro to the bowl. They’ll cook just enough when the finished ramen soup is poured on top. Technicolor crunch!🍜

I used to listen to FLOSS Weekly regularly, but fell out of the habit. Just re-upped with the latest episode featuring Hector Martin talking with Doc Searls and Jonathan Bennett about porting Linux to M1 processors. Great intersection of profound impact of M1 across tech and joyful hacking.…

Finished today’s Saturday NYT in 10:39, capping an unusually easy week where Thursday took me longer than any others, at 18:34.

I don’t approve of the overloaded semantics of the “Size” column in Finder. If you don’t happen to know that the up-arrow means “upload progress”, then you’d be forgiven for thinking your precious file is disintegrating before your eyes!

Just learned that my long-time therapist, who ended his practice two years ago to fight cancer, passed away over a year ago. A weirdly close yet distant relationship to mourn the loss of. Rest in peace, John.

I’m so tired of this fresh hell of Xcode’s debugger refusing to continue execution at least 50% of the time. Back to printf debugging in 2022.

Has anybody else noticed packages started smelling like bad hotel perfume or something, over the past few months? Like they started using scented plastic everywhere?

Hoisted by my own petard. I wrote that post in MarsEdit, like a civilized person, and then PASTED it into Blogger’s web interface, LIKE AN ANIMAL. I really need to move that blog to a service that works with MarsEdit ;)

How appropriate that clicking the “Learn more” link on the Apple Developer app page about the WWDC event at Apple Park causes … an INFINITE LOOP!