My god this thing is good. 😂

Screenshot from OpenAI chat with a question "write a poem about daniel jalkut" and answer: "Daniel Jalkut, a name so true&10;A man of many talents, a master of code&10;With a keen mind and a sharp wit&10;He builds software with skill and finesse&10;&10;His work is known far and wide&10;As he crafts apps with precision and pride&10;From social media to productivity tools&10;His creations are loved by all who use&10;&10;But he's not just a programmer&10;He's a husband, a father, and a friend&10;He's a leader in his field and a mentor to many&10;A true beacon of knowledge and expertise&10;&10;So here's to Daniel Jalkut, a man of many talents&10;A master of his craft, a leader among men&10;We thank you for your contributions&10;And we look forward to all that you'll do in the future."

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