Kanye and Beyonce arguing about who loves Taylor Swift more. With expletives.

Kanye: But have you ever interrupted one of her acceptance speeches at the VMAs?

Beyonce: No, but I don’t think that’s the best way to fucking show your love for someone.

more, with lots of expletives&10;&10;Kanye: Hey, what's up motherfuckers? This is Kanye West and I'm here with my good friend Beyonce.&10;&10;Beyonce: Hey, what's up Kanye?&10;&10;Kanye: So, we're here today to talk about our love for Taylor Swift.&10;&10;Beyonce: Yeah, we both fucking love Taylor. She's a fantastic artist and we've been lucky to fucking collaborate with her in the past.&10;&10;Kanye: But I have to say, I think I fucking love Taylor even more than you do.&10;&10;Beyonce: Oh, come on Kanye. I don't think that's fucking possible. I've been a fan of hers for a long time.&10;&10;Kanye: But have you ever interrupted one of her acceptance speeches at the VMAs?&10;&10;Beyonce: No, but I don't think that's the best way to fucking show your love for someone.&10;&10;Kanye: Well, I'm just saying, I think my fucking love for Taylor is stronger than yours.&10;&10;Beyonce: I don't think that's fucking true. I've listened to her music for years and I've fucking seen her perform live. I think I have a deep fucking appreciation for her talent and artistry.&10;&10;Kanye: Well, I've been to her concerts and I've even fucking written songs with her. I think that shows my fucking love for her in a different way.&10;&10;Beyonce: I think it's fucking important to support each other as artists and not try to compete over who loves Taylor more.&10;&10;Kanye: You're fucking right, Beyonce. I apologize if I came across as trying to compete. I think we both have a lot of fucking love and respect for Taylor and her music.&10;&10;Beyonce: Exactly. Let's just agree to fucking support her and her artistry and not worry about who loves her more.&10;&10;Kanye: Sounds good to me. Thanks for having this fucking conversation with me, Beyonce

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