About That Lysistrata Post

I posted a quip yesterday about the state of affairs in the US with respect to revoking the rights of women to receive legal abortions. I want to acknowledge I have regrets about posting it.

First, and most important, I had a nagging sense when I posted it that the seriousness of the matter (denial of lawful abortion to women) doesn’t really beg for whimsical remarks from a man.

Second, I received thoughtful feedback (hi @jean!) pointing out that it’s irksome to imply that women should somehow bear the responsibility for fixing this situation. I think women should do all they can to fight back, but so should men. Yet my post put the burden entirely on women.

So in summary: sometimes I make quips in emotional haste, and they’d be better off unsaid. I do think there is some intellectual and comedic value in the original post but I concede they don’t outweigh the problematic aspects. It’s been an educational experience, at least!

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