Keeping parents with their children, or in worst-case scenarios, painstakingly accounted for, should be an international rule of law.

I thought I might release @MarsEdit 4.1 this week, but it didn’t work out that way. Given WWDC I think I’ll skip a week. #FeatureCreep

My response to a 2-star review led to the customer explaining in detail, and helping me debug and fix a serious bug. Feedback loops, FTW!

The equivalent of caveman debugging for Auto Layout: just delete elements from your view until things work right.

[Image: Screenshot of Mac user interface showing a window from the app MarsEdit with elements removed and an annotation indicating those were the bad UI elements.]

I am so enamored by the poetry of song lyrics. Currently (re) obsessed with “Lake Charles” by Lucinda Williams. So simple and so true.

I wonder if I’m the only atheist loudly singing Neutral Milk Hotel’s “I love you Jesus Christ” right at this moment. (Probably not.)

If you have kids, you will wake with them, whenever they wake, for years. This will go on until the day they don’t want or need you. Enjoy!

It’s even better having avoided any pop culture knowledge about it, except for Stephen Malkmus’s song mentioning the 1973 version.

“Perhaps you saw me in Westworld I acted like a robotic cowboy…” - Stephen Malkmus

It took me a long time to get around to watching Westworld, but now I’m two episodes in and totally hooked. What a cool show.

Most programmers will spend a whole day writing code to avoid spending $20 on an app, and then spend $20 to avoid boiling water for pasta.

Several lyrics to this song haunt me at various times. In a good way. Great pop music teaches plebes like me to really appreciate poetry.

“New Girl” by The Long Winters is carried by its lyrics. To cite one:

“Your solo show, I hope it never closes. It was the time of my life.”