Scott Pruitt destroying the EPA from within is less newsworthy than $50/night apartment, but at least he’s finally getting nailed.

Spent part of dinner listening to Johnny Cash, explaining to the kids that he wore black “out of empathy for the world.” Life lessons.

Condolences to friends and family of Todd Brassner, who was killed in the Trump Tower fire. My headline quip did not respect that loss.

Sorry to keep harping on this, but more and more I think the “new” MacBook Pro keyboard is superb. It’s a huge difference from late 2016.

The difference in keyboard feel is on my repaired MacBook is substantial enough that it feels “premium.” I get why people like it, now.

So, adding to complexity of the debate about the merits of “new MacBook Pro keyboards,” there are better and (fewer and fewer) worse ones.

My replacement MacBook Pro keyboard is noticeably better than the “Rev A” was. It seems both quieter and easier to register keystrokes.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Apple. I hope my feedback/whining will inspire changes that help to highlight other deserving developers.

Listening to @pedrothelion in anticipation of summer tour in Boston. I feel 10 years younger already, and I bet they do too…

Hats off to El Cheeto. It’s not ever President who sucker-punches American Farmers and Wall Street investors with one foreign policy move.

I dictated “Game of Thrones S6” to Apple TV, and it came back with”Game of Thrones Ass Sex.”

Is it the worst machine learning or the best?

I’m about one and a half beers away from singing a “Kodachrome” and “Sunrise/Sunset” medley so I better get offline early tonight.

Chat from a Slack has left me forlorn that I may never again close House of Shields in San Francisco with a gaggle of Apple geeks. 🍸