On behalf of all Americans who are too busy to keep up with just how desparately our country is failing the world, I apologize. 😔

We’re a little old-fashioned and sit down as a family for dinner, most nights. Makes a great opportunity to talk about race/sex/age/*ism.

I realized recently I can reproduce music I know pretty verbatim in my mind. Phonographic memory? Not an earworm, more like an earTAPEworm.

Everybody’s busy, so there’s no need to say it. Challenge yourself to make whoever you interact with believe you’re never too busy for them.

I’m optimistic that 2018 will bring a revitalization of user-owned content on the open web. Micro.blog for Twitter-like chat on an open platform. Evergreen for reading from open-standard feeds. MarsEdit for publishing to open-standard APIs. Let’s do this.

I’ve been less active here than I wished I would be. At least for the next day I will be experimenting with participating here when I would normally go straight to Twitter. #WomenBoycottTwitter.