One of my favorite Cape Cod pastimes is buying vintage shirts at thrift stores. The deceased live on through me…

As confusing as everything is in this chaotic breakdown of American democracy, imagine how much worse it would be without free press.

A silver lining of our overbuilt American prisons is we’ll have plenty of room for the abject traitors after we let all the drug users go free.

Thanks to the magic of internet and Apple TV, we have familiar music like Aimee Mann’s “Mental Illness” setting the mood of our vacation rental.

I speak on behalf of many Americans when I say we want a peaceful and friendly relationship with Russians, independent of Trump or Putin.

As a vegetarian, I would benefit. It’s insulting to employees to assume they aren’t managing their own conscience-based priorities.

I never lived in a college dorm, but having a private office at Apple in the 1990s was pretty much the same thing.

Computers? Check. Mini fridge? Check. Futon? Check. Hall full of hooligans? Check. Check. Check.

I was bracing for regretting the loss of those Thai kids’ lives, and their coach too. Just appreciating again that they were all rescued.

I value the few awards I’ve received, but it’s important to recognize that awards are not an indicator of success. Success is very personal.

Awards may be gratifying, but they are more valuable to the granter than to the recipient. The real prize is creating what you intended.