Psyched to be featured in several areas of the new Mac App Store! But Mac developers, we gotta fill in this “Subtitle” or else we just get our category in its place.

(I painted a division of matriarchal vs. patriarchal societies only to make a point. I don’t believe that societies should be dominated by any gender.)

It’s impossible to ignore that Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations are heard differently in a patriarchal society than in a matriarchal one.

If you “don’t believe” Blasey Ford then you’re probably biased by society training you to not believe women (even if you are a woman).

I had no idea any member of congress was tuned in to the virtues of Dischord Records. He keeps getting better.

Jesus, Beto O’Rourke is me if I had put my passion into politics instead of computers. (And if I were smarter and more charming.)

[Image: citation from Rolling Stone about Beto’s affinity for Dischord Records and related bands.]

I found this local woman’s patriotic objection to US flag defamation really touching.

[Image: Screenshot of a Facebook comment: “Thank you I love mystery beautiful Fag and for what it stand”]

Finally doing my 2017 taxes and reviewing all the Apple-gadget expenses. Yeah … I don’t need any upgrades this year. #StayStrong

An enormous installed base with a diminishing talent pool. I predict that in 10 years Objective-C consultants will be very well compensated.

What I like about macOS Mojave is it’s the first Mac release in a long time to provide a fundamental UI enhancement. People are going to LOVE Dark Mode.

My Mac @AppStore submission prominently declared @MarsEdit’s “Dark Mode support for macOS Mojave.”

I think reviewers are getting the message that “Mojave” is an acceptable term now. Good luck to all my fellow Mac developers, and hooray for macOS Mojave!

My favorite thing about our new Bosch dishwasher is the thin little rack for all the flat, delicate things that don’t fit anywhere else!

[Image: Picture of top rack of dishwasher with thin things like Tupperware lids.]

‪Bona fide torrential downpour timed perfect for my walk to catch the bus home. Half us passengers are literally soaked to the core. ⛈ ‬

‪It’s painful to acknowledge that more people will believe Christine Blasey Ford because she is a white woman. Not to diminish Ford’s bravery at all, but Anita Hill’s strength is especially awesome in retrospect.‬