And if you’re so stupid that you don’t realize the MAGA hat is a symbol of hatred, then maybe your high-priced Catholic private school isn’t the value your parents think it is.

MAGA hats are third only to … what? Nazi swastikas and Ku Klux Klan hoods as symbols of racist hatred in the US. If you want the benefit of the doubt, don’t wear hate emblems.

‪I just woke my 10yo up to see the lunar eclipse because he had been dead set on staying up for it. He was a beautiful mix of jazzed to see it and totally nonplussed.‬

I’ve lived in Arlington, MA for 7 years and only today finally went to the municipal ice skating rink. What a delightful institution! Lucky.

All Republicans serving in Senate and House will go down in history either as active supporters of, or ignorant rubber stamps on the worst Presidential conduct in our lifetimes.

It’s proof of time travel that The Talking Heads teleported to 1968 to record the bridge for The Beatles’ “Birthday.” #TakeAChaChaChaChance.

At least Slack’s new Technicolor Dreamcoat Aubergine theme inspired me to look at Preferences. Ochin is a much better default IMHO.

Screenshot of the Ochin theme for Slack.

Just filed Radar #47287370: “ADC Membership renewal warning is needlessly alarmist when auto-renew is set.”

‪Post a picture of your Apple portable keyboard from 2009 and one of you defiantly continuing to use it in 2019.‬

Maybe I should put some kind of upper limit on MarsEdit’s custom fonts settings.

[Image: Screenshot from MarsEdit’s preferences showing a preview of the selected font: “Helvetica 9.113e+17”]

After 35 years or so I guess the grip on your childhood baseball bat’s handle just turns to liquid.

[Image: Handle of a metal baseball bat with black rubber grip seeming to melt away.]

‪I only stop moving and get in the way for tacos and selfies.

[Image: Selfie wearing a Roderick on the Line “Keep Moving and Get Out of the Way” t-shirt, with an El Tonayense taco truck art print in the background.]

Glad I decided to be an indie software developer instead of risking it all by pursuing a career in US Government.

(In seriousness: sorry, US Federal Government employees. I hope this ends soon.)

I am usually just impressed with Keynote, but sometimes I am surprised by the shortcomings.

[Image: In-app message indicating that animations can’t be configured on master (template) slides.]

I can’t help but judge a bunch of Americans who thought Obama was bad, when he spent every day being a competent executive leader. Our current jackass joke of a President represents everything wrong with the minority of Americans who elected him.

As an Apple shareholder I probably shouldn’t say this, but …

If you want a new phone just take the case off your old phone.