Knock on wood, but it’s been a long time since I had an asinine Mac App Store review rejection. I wonder if training has improved, or I’m just getting lucky?

I love these, both because I think they are a tribute to positive social self-governance, and because I like to imagine a city official with a tea cup taking a sip of tap water.

Industrial metal box with inscription "NYC Drinking Water Sampling Station."

I’ve worked in tech for almost 30 years. I appreciate my own willingness to embrace the new. You won’t find me complaining about Swift, or ARC, or Objective-C, or 32-bit, or writing apps in programming languages instead of assembly. Tech keeps getting better. Bring it.

‪I didn’t realize how amazing Shazam has gotten. It can show you live lyrics for what you’re hearing.‬

Anyway, if you ever notice that I’m not saying “how could anybody do that?!” it might be because I have in fact done it. I’m not proud but it does inform my judgment of others who are publicly shamed.

One of my most vivid memories of childhood is playing “cowboys and indians” in the woods. I made that stereotypical noise by hooting and tapping my mouth with my hand. I had no idea what I was doing.

I don’t think I ever wore blackface but I bet there were times in my childhood when I might have. I watched “Soul Man” as a kid and thought it was funny. I’m not defending myself or other white men, but we’re all on a learning/recovering journey.

What if California added a $5K “emissions surcharge” when registering a car that doesn’t meet its “preferred” standards? It would have the same effect on manufacturer compliance.

I don’t think I’ve shared how my my frozen ziploc hack works in reverse. After thawing a batch of sauce, pop it back in a bowl for easy serving.

ceramic bowl with platic ziploc bag fit to hold thawed sauce

I got a current-era Apple Magic Keyboard after two of my Logitech keyboards died in succession. I can see why people rave about this. I would LOVE to have a MacBook Pro with this keyboard.

Apple should train Siri on its development API names.

“Remind me to learn about an ass text checking controller.”


At some point along the line (maybe with 10.15 Catalina?) WebKit’s web inspector got some fancy rulers and alignment indicators.

Screenshot of Black Ink's about box with web content identified and framed by alignment rulers.