This was quite a team.

[Image: Screenshot from linked URL showing names of people who contributed to the Mac System 7.6 System file.]

It’s cliche to assert that the President of the United States is the “most powerful man in the world.”

I think the most powerful person in the world would be the Republican who stands up to him.

‪I made an offhand mistake and referred to the generic role of President as “he.” I quickly added: “or she!”‬

‪My 6yo son pounced: a girl should be President! Boys should vote for girls! Especially if they don’t like Donald Trump!‬


“A little greasy” has never been a problem for me.

[Image: Picture of a greasy red pepper and mushroom pizza.]

American politics in 40 years, if we last that long, will be fascinating.

A lot of Trump supporters will be talking down their allegiance, but the social network record will be here to condemn them.

Eight years ago, I wrote for Macworld:

“Will the iPad ever catch up? Perhaps. Given many years and countless product iterations, it could happen. But in the meantime, there’s a Mac for all of that.”

iPad IS catching up, but I was right.…

You simply cannot call yourself a Republican with pride unless you are fighting violently against Donald Trump and everything he stands for. If you are, I will recant and admit that there are good Republicans.

I spent my whole childhood and much of my adulthood scrutinizing “Republican” values and how they relate to me. I know the best and worst of these people, and right now we are suffering the utter worst. There are no good Republicans right now.

It might surprise some folks to learn I was raised Republican. My parents were hippies. I lived in a van. I was a wild child. Yet my parents were hard-core Republicans.

I feel bad for folks who were raised Republican and clung to some seemingly-good values, but there is literally nothing of merit left.

The strength of the press is in publishing/broadcasting. If you think the reaction White House’s despicable lies and suppression should be a boycott, then you underestimate the press’s power. Report, report, report!

The shamelessness of administration supporters is unbelievable. I can’t believe people who throw away whatever shreds of credibility they may have had regurgitating bald-faced lies.

Something I’m mulling over as I think of Apple’s rumored plans to move Mac to ARM. What would it take to get Microsoft to sell an Apple-ARM tuned edition of Windows? Possibly even a VMware-only product.

To celebrate 10 years of Radar #5876646, I just updated it to confirm it’s still reproduceable on Mojave.

(“Ejecting a disk by way of AppleScript takes an agonizing eternity”)

GOP Senators should be aware that what Trump did to Senator Jeff Sessions, he would happily do to any of them.

‪My dad died eight years ago, but Siri suggests I give him a call on his birthday. I’m glad I’m not in the business of designing fake human interactions.‬

[Image: Siri suggestion to call my dead father on his birthday.]