At my most optimistic I really think I can achieve anything by just hunkering down and applying myself.

(Checks Twitter again.)

If you are depressed or overwhelmed, you’re far from alone. Remember that progress feeds progress, and one step leads to another step. Go.

Amazing St. Patrick’s Day Irish music performance by Shannon and Matt Heaton, at the Schwamb Mill in Arlington, MA.

I like learning a song through a friend’s cover of it, seeking out the original, and discovering that I like my friend’s cover better.

Operation Ivy were philosophical. Very Buddhist: “I know things are getting tougher when you can’t get the top of the bottom of the barrel.”

Just dismantled and cleaned out the pump and filter in my dishwasher. You do not want to see what your dishwasher leaves behind. Shudder.

I clicked a horrible Twitter account and saw that somebody I respected, who’s dead, still follows it.

Never follow horrible accounts.