I’m 43 today, which is awesome an age this year as 42 was last year. Let’s keep this punkass party going!

I still miss California Mexican food sorely, but in the Boston area Jose’s in Cambridge has a lot of charm.

I hope for your sake that you never have cause to Google “muscular tinnitus.” File under: what is this fresh biological nuisance?

Apple’s Photo Booth app is a weird time capsule of off-hand images captured over the years. This must be 10 years ago or more. (Few greys!)

You won’t be surprised to hear that handling users’ images in a consistent way with no (few) bugs, is not easy. I’m working on it!

As a white American, when I hear people speaking Spanish all around me, it just makes me so grateful for the language practice.

More image-handling goodness coming to @MarsEdit 4.1. At long last the app will support direct image drags from Photos.app!

Went canoeing on the Charles for Mother’s Day. Saw Canada Geese with goslings everywhere. Selfless protection of kin… that’s motherhood.

The most gratifying experience as a parent, so far, is witnessing my kids develop a sense of humor. Comedy makes us human.

Should an app like MarsEdit preserve colorspace information in images, or should it convert to sRGB for consistency/compatibility?

Working on a cool new option for @MarsEdit 4.1 that will selectively preserve or remove metadata on uploaded images.

I’ve lived a life of privilege as a White American man. But my name gives me a glimpse of the experience of being different.

In contrast to immigrants getting “English” names, my surname came by my white dad being adopted by a Jewish-American family.