Manuscript/FogBugz is currently “503 Service unavailable.” The “@FogBugz” Twitter ID points to @ManuscriptTeam, which is no longer an account. I think my faith is justifiably eroded in this service. :(

When I die, I hope they find a picture that doesn’t look like I just won the lottery.

[Image: Screen shot of a news headline about Lyudmila Alexey’s death, showing her with hands to cheeks in a celebratory pose.]

The only Red Sweater t-shirt that has yet been made. It recently went out out of print. Thanks to Susie Ghahremani for designing it and Buy Olympia for selling it!

This is what a free press looks like.

d[Image: Screenshot of New York Times web page with headlines including allegations against Trump, opinion about “Beginning of the end for Trump”, and scrutiny of Trump’s Attorney General nominee.]

The lesson to be learned from Tumblr’s dramatic shift in content-hosting policy is: OWN YOUR OWN DOMAIN. You’re nobody on the internet if you don’t own your domain.

I love seeing @ccgus’s Acorn and my MarsEdit in side-by-side features on the Mac App Store. We’ve been cheering each other on for more than ten years.

[Image: Screenshot of two features in the Mac App Store: MarsEdit icon on the left as part of the Dark Mode feature, and Acorn on the right featuring it as a “Simple but Powerful” photo editor.]

I swear I saw Amy Sedaris doing a funny Vanity Fair napkins ad about wine, and now I can’t get it back. Am I losing my mind?

‪Spending far too long trying to fix a “linked on or after” bug with cell-based table view. Realized it’s an inducement to switch to view-based tables… :-/‬

Haha! As I was describing my self-meds to the nurse I realized it’s probably the Sudafed driving my heart rate up!

I’ve been sick the past few days and it’s interesting to see Apple Watch correlate the sick time with a rise in my resting heart rate.

If your politicians are “all in” for Trump then they’re all in for authoritarian dictatorship. I hope you know what your politicians are fighting for.

Many politicians don’t realize that rejecting Trump early improves their long-term chances. There will be no reward for late converts.

Learning a very oldie but a very goodie as I work through an old guitar book I found on my shelf.

[Image: picture of sheet music to “Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes.”]