Going out on a limb here, but if I were the President of the United States of America, I would want the FBI on my side.

Listening to @aimeemann’s “Mental Illness” more than ever. Felt like a classic on first listen, awesome that it won a grammy!

Want Nintendo Switch controllers replaced under warranty. Spoiled by Apple and Amazon. On hold for 45 mins, and have to send our Switch in!

I had a case on my iPhone X to make it more grippy with winter gloves. I took the case off and it’s like a new phone. It’s so light!

I stopped using @Duolingo because I felt I had used up its potential for Spanish. Now learning beginner Dutch and enjoying it again!

Something else I’m missing on the HomePod is the ability to easily see what’s playing. Lots of room to streamline this with iPhone.

I only really know how to play and sing one song, but it’s Neutral Milk Hotel’s “Aeroplane Over the Sea,” so I’m not sweatin’ it either.

Forget about rock-star performances, the #1 virtue of an excellent software developer is resilience. This too shall pass.

I think I’m going to have to turn off Siri altogether on the HomePod. I wish I could set it up to only respond to music control requests.

HomePod’s voice recognition is amazing, but possibly too good. It keeps butting in when I say “hey Siri” to my watch … in the other room.

Been playing more guitar since my wife bought me one for Christmas. Turns out being a sort-of-OK player for 30 years makes a good baseline.

I watched the 2018 Winter Olympics opening ceremonies, and couldn’t ignore that the aesthetics were consistently more Samsung than Apple.

We’re enjoying having the HomePod in family space, but until it can be as much my wife’s HomePod as it is mine, it will not belong there.

Plugged the HomePod in and the kids immediately delighted in engaging Siri. “Hey Siri, play inappropriate music,” said my 6yo.

I wonder if HomePod will be the Retina of home audio. Most people don’t care about fidelity until they can appreciate the absence of it.