Mac and iOS developers: if you haven’t created a new Playground in Xcode in a while, take note that there are some cool templates for more sophisticated use cases now.

Screenshot of Xcode new Playground template chooser listing choices such as Game, Map, and Single View.

I don’t like it when anybody refers to a married partner as “The Wife” or “The Husband.” Is there an argument for this usage that makes it endearing?

I’ve spent most of the past week hacking away at iMedia, which MarsEdit uses, to get it off of IKImageBrowser. I do not abide deprecation warnings!

Well, except for WebView.

Today I had my first encounter with a small business that conscientiously objected to Apple Pay. They had the equipment but were wary of being “connected to Apple.”

I was fascinated to discover such skepticism, meanwhile being OK with connections to all the big banks.

Anyway, I’m 43 years old and have never completely understood the difference between success and survival. They’re orthogonal. Being good at something yields success, while making money yields survival. I always conflated the two, but I won’t any longer.

The bad news is I resorted to using a web site to figure out how old I am. The good news is I am a year younger than I thought I was!

Lest you think I’ve lost my political edge, I remain a steadfast supporter of olives and pesto on tomatoes and cheese.

Close-up of a pizza with red sauce, cheese, black olives and pesto.

Imagine how high you’d have to be to write the lyric “We Built This City on Rock and Roll.” Maybe the best argument for legalized drugs.

“You have a dick pic of me? Well I hope you and your wife weren’t planning on finishing Mrs. Maisel.”

I think Slack would benefit from a per-channel bio, of sorts. A way to present the “pertinence” of each member to a specific channel.

This would be useful in actual work to represent roles, and in affinity groups to represent investments in a specific topic.

The best thing about being in France for a week was NO FUCKING THINKING OF TRUMP, except for the one time when it came up in conversation with other Americans.

The good news is I probably saved $200 by installing a new doorbell transformer myself. The bad news, I dropped my $1000 phone while using it as a flashlight to do the job …

We let our kids watch some of the Super Bowl, after I made sure they understood two things:

  1. The game is interesting, but you can get brain damage from playing it.

  2. The league punishes players who protest on behalf of Black Americans.

Didn’t get into Trump/Patriots stuff.

Happy for friends and neighbors who support the Patriots. Sports fandom runs deep.

But I can’t get excited about Trump’s favorite team, owned by Trump backer Robert Kraft, and quarterbacked by Trump’s “good friend” Tom Brady, winning.

Reject everything affiliated with Trump.

The reason I never got any tattoos is I knew it might lead to ripping my shirt off in a Super Bowl Halftime Show. With great privilege comes great responsibility.

‪Tried to learn Creedence’s “Someday Never Comes” on guitar but I just keep crying halfway through the song.‬