If only Theresa May had formed a secret, passionate romance with Donald Trump. They’d be on their way to Pyongyang by now.

I think people neglect to write blog posts because the feedback loop is not as tangible as the onslaught of (sometimes mechanical) likes or faves that you can receive on a social network. With blogging, you need a little faith that you will gain an audience. #LongLiveTheOpenWeb

My wife brought me a scarf from France so I give you the most French look I can muster while still wearing a hoody.

I’m struggling with how to say this: I know it must be hard for trans people either to transition physically, and/or to “come out” publicly. If anybody following me is feeling that pressure, please know that I for one support you being true to your identity.

‪If you were planning to get a job at Apple just on the off chance it might include a complimentary Lady Gaga show … you might be too late.‬

It’s too late to be the first Republican to turn on Trump, but there’s still time to avoid being the last.

NOT a Game of Thrones spoiler. Euron Greyjoy reminds both my wife and I of Jeff Tweedy from Wilco. There’s a scene where he starts a line with “I’m the man…” and we both shouted out: “who loves you!” www.youtube.com/watch

‪The choice of “more perfect Union” in the Declaration of Independence is … perfect. The flaws of our Union are exceedingly apparent today. Good effort, though.‬