Just plumbed the dark recesses of my mind to remember the debugging helper “GDBPrintAEDesc” … you know it’s old when it’s got GDB in it.

The President is pretty grumpy about everybody he’s ever hired turning out to be a gloriously disloyal dipshit.

Our Lyft home had a Chihuahua that the driver let us hold. I don’t like to play favorites but it was definitely the best Lyft Chihuahua yet.

I’m ashamed to say I can be pretty impatient with my mom when she visits. But she’s doing dishes now so I’m gonna lay the praise on thick!

I’m still on Twitter, but I blog at bitsplitting.org, indiestack.com, blog.punkitup.com, and red-sweater.com/blog/. For starters.

If you don’t have at least one blog on a domain that you own, you’re not really “on the internet.”

My dishwasher broke so now I am a hopeless father. Also, how can you pick a new dishwasher under duress? Wash on. Wash off.

‪I have a blind customer who sent in a screen cast of them using MarsEdit. It’s really enlightening to watch what works and what doesn’t work. Web view accessibility is dismal :(‬

‪I don’t know if there is any recovery for the GOP but a good start would be impeaching while they are still in control of Congress.‬

‪It would be cool if Apple Watch could lock my computer when I walk away as effectively as it unlocks when I arrive.‬

My biggest fear for macOS Mojave is it will get to GM without ever gaining a “drag proxy” on the otherwise brilliant screenshot editor.

As a parent who loves his children I am especially troubled by anybody who makes excuses for the United States separating migrant children from their parents. Anybody who tries to justify it is a deeply immoral person.

I’ve probably spent two full days perfecting the multi-character entry mode in @blackinkapp to precisely overlay a window over a cell.

Not having a boss can be fun.