With apologies to all the hardworking engineers at Apple, the new Feedback Assistant will result in less collaboration from 3rd party developers in fixing bugs in Apple software. My response to requests to update status on bugs all look something like this now.

Screenshot of feedback to Apple: "No, because I filed this bug in an effort to help you improve Xcode, and I assumed I would be able to have access to the test files I provided, if I ever needed to revisit the issue. I don't have time to reconstruct the whole test scenario I previously spent time on, just to update the status of this bug."

I think Pillsbury was another affected brand. So is Pillsbury unbleached flour essentially identical to King Arthur’s?

I was a big supporter of Bernie Sanders in 2016, but I was never a “Bernie Bro.” I went hardcore for Hillary as soon as he lost. Now, I’m supporting Warren because she represents the best hope for Americans who believe in equality and justice. IMHO.

As literal and precise as I am in my work, I am more of a dreamer in my activism. I like to channel Allen Ginsberg, who declared the Vietnam war was over before it was, and Phil Ochs, who wrote a song about it: www.youtube.com/watch

Thinking back on Father’s Days with my dad, I don’t think he knew what to do, either. He often took me to a Giants game. Later he took me to the horse races. He turned Father’s Day into “memories of dad” day. Not too shabby.

Tomorrow is Father’s Day in the US, when some families demand to know what fathers actually want to do.

I have never known what I want to do.

What is this particular Google Search scam, and can I do anything about it? Somebody hijacked my content and became #1 result. I’m not even on the first page.

Proud of the people of my town, Arlington, MA, who voted overwhelmingly today (~76%) to approve funds for a new high school. This town knows the merit of investing in children.

OMG tccutil in Catalina actually accepts the bundle ID it has claimed to accept for years:

% tccutil reset AppleEvents com.red-sweater.fastscripts

successfully reset AppleEvents approval status for com.red-sweater.fastscripts

Apple should be involved in every tech business that affects personal privacy and security. Critical for the brand, and critical for consumers.

Apple has been doing hardware penance lately. I hope they realize that exiting the personal networking market (Airport) was as as misguided as exiting pro Mac, pro displays, etc. We’re ready for the big comeback.

Every crash (attributable to the app, and not the OS) represents a major oversight by the app developer. That’s a great reason to take them all seriously.