Getting two oil boilers replaced with gas next week, and I’m feeling clever for timing the oil burn so I have one empty tank and one only 1/8 full. 🔥

The single most inspirational thing for conference attendees might be understanding how totally wrecked most speakers are by the process.

I need a ghost writer for conference talks. Getting up and talking is my forté, sitting down and structuring a talk, not so much …

‪So… if I were going in to talk with a President (never this one), I might deliberately change my passcode with the full knowledge I would be covered by tv cameras and secret service for the next few minutes. Pick your battles…‬

A special place in hell for anybody trying to spin America’s crisis-level disdain for minorities into a pity party for straight white men.

Around 10 years ago I started “Dad’s Pizza Night” to hone my pizza skills. I have made pizza almost every Friday since. I think I need to start “Dad’s Enchilada Night.”

Probably the best moment of my weekend was when 6yo abruptly announced “everything’s better with daddy!” into our daily activities.

I was never as close to my dad as I wished I was. It is gratifying to both give and receive that attention with my kids.

My wife is away for the weekend with 10yo son, and I’m home alone with 6yo. The heartbreaking truth is kids love their parents, especially with “alone time.” 😢

I bought these tickets through a travel site, and maybe I glossed over the limitations, but in my opinion the floor on limitations has sunk too low when you can’t sit with your kids. Shame on you, @United.

In case you thought airline travel wasn’t humiliating enough, United is really innovating in this space. My family has four tickets, but may not sit together (even though the plane is currently half empty).

[Image: Screenshot of “Basic Economy” limitations.]

It’s scary to be an American if you’re educated enough to know that civilized countries have devolved into authoritarian dictatorships that literally murder educated people.