Google News keeps reverting to an account I never use. Google must think I’m a “real bad hombre”, because they put Fox News, etc. up front.

‪We have a family game trying to “make each other look.” Matthew (6yo) pointed and said “MarsEdit is being featured more than ever!”‬

‪I know Apple’s machine learning algorithm needs work because I opened Apple Music and it didn’t say “There’s a fracking new Death Cab album!”‬

Writers gotta publish, painters gotta show, developers gotta ship.

If you’re feeling low, just create and publicize something. Trust me.

Sooooo, what are the guidelines around celebrating App Store features in pre-release Mac App Stores? (OMG MarsEdit). Thanks @burk for the heads-up!

A virtue of 3rd-party partners (and competitors) is they help establish where the paths to the future should be built. Can’t be done alone.

If Twitter appreciated their history, there would be a shrine to 3rd-parties in Twitter HQ, and a covenant to ensure API parity.

Just plumbed the dark recesses of my mind to remember the debugging helper “GDBPrintAEDesc” … you know it’s old when it’s got GDB in it.

The President is pretty grumpy about everybody he’s ever hired turning out to be a gloriously disloyal dipshit.

Our Lyft home had a Chihuahua that the driver let us hold. I don’t like to play favorites but it was definitely the best Lyft Chihuahua yet.

I’m ashamed to say I can be pretty impatient with my mom when she visits. But she’s doing dishes now so I’m gonna lay the praise on thick!

I’m still on Twitter, but I blog at,,, and For starters.

If you don’t have at least one blog on a domain that you own, you’re not really “on the internet.”