“Who’re the real patriots? The Archie Bunker slobs waving flags? Or the people with the guts to work for some real change?”

One of my favorite (lightly paraphrased) Jello Biafra lines. Pops into my mind a lot recently, for some reason…

Discovered a nuanced problem where I was trying to fulfill a drag promise too late, in draggingEnded. Gotta do it earlier …

Seems that any effort to receive files from e.g. Photos results in Photos not having sandbox entitlement to write to the temporary file.

Does anybody have a working example of “NSFilePromiseReceive.receivePromisedFiles” on macOS 10.13, or is it just flat out broken?

While I can’t give Fujitsu the highest marks for their software, I must say their hardware has been very resilient over years of use.

I just bought my mom a MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar because she is excited about the Touch ID. It’s great to see her enthusiasm for it.

If Cheeto leads America into authoritarian disorder, at least social media will ensure it’s the best-documented unraveling of all time.