Trying the new “bots” chat feature of Duolingo. You can literally say anything and they pat you on the back.

Sell the New England Patriots to a real New England Patriot, fire everybody, and build a new team around Colin Kaepernick. I’d be a fan.

“In the face of the people who know they’re gonna win, There’s a strength that’s greater than the power of the wind”

– Phil Ochs.


I am ashamed I didn’t know Kyrgyzstan existed until today. I am proud that I know now because it was represented at my kids’ school.

Had a scare a few weeks ago where I thought my car wouldn’t start at -2F. Bought a $60 portable jumpstart battery and feel so relieved now.

I’m often fascinated by how libraries discard books. This book was discarded in the 1970’s and cherished in our family ever since. Our gain.

So impressed by our elementary school’s International Festival. Such a huge diversity of nations and cultures represented! Feeling lucky.

The release of Nunes memo is comparable to a guy flashing his junk at a party: a few gaze intently, most turn away, everybody wants a recap.

If you check more than one social network regularly, thank your lucky stars you live in a society that allows multiple social networks.

I am privately and semi-privately reminded that Apple still loves Macs. So my paranoid comparison to Apple II may not yet be well-founded!

When I joined Apple, good-hearted folks were hanging passionately to Apple IIgs. We’re not close, but I’m aware we Mac folk may be next.

We’re finally watching “The Crown.” It’s fascinating. I’m impressed by how the royal family appears so regular and irregular.